Play Cards

4 Play Card deal

$10 Play Card = 40 Credits
$20 Play Card = 95 Credits
$25 Play Card = 120 Credits4 x $25 Play Cards 140 credits each
$35 Play Card = 170 Credits4 x $35 Play Cards 200 credits each
$50 Play Card = 255 Credits4 x $50 Play Cards 300 credits each
$75 Play Card = 415 Credits
$100 Play Card = 565 Credits


Cost per activity

Kids Zone (basic admission for all 1-14 yrs)$10
Arcade Games1-8 credits
Rock Climbing (15 min + instruction)20 credits
Laser Tag (15 min + instruction)25 credits
Skytrax (15 min + instruction)30 credits
Toddler (1-3) – Includes Kids Zone and Rock Climbing$8.95$10.95$10.95
Child (4-18) – Includes Kids Zone and Rock Climbing$11.95$14.95 $14.95
Playing Adult (19+)$11.95$14.95$14.95
Supervising Adults and Infants under 12 monthsFree!Free!Free!
Laser tag or SkyTrax  Age 6+N/A$6.95 $6.95
Combo 1 (admission with 1 X-treme activity- Age 6+)N/A$19.95 $19.95
Combo 2 (admission with 2 X-treme activities – Age 6+)N/A$22.95 $22.95
What’s openWed-ThurFridaySat-Sun
Holidays- Pro-D
Kids Zone (4-level Cube and Ballistix)
Arcade area
Rock ClimbingOpen at 4 pmOpen at 11 am
Laser TagOpen at 4 pmOpen at 11 am
SkytraxOpen at 4pmOpen at 11am

Activity Opening Hours Winter Break







Kids Zone (4-level Cube & Ballistix)10am-7pm10am-11pm10am-4pmClosed
Bar “Lazy Lounge”12 pm-7 pm4pm-11pm12pm-4pmClosed
Rock Climbing11am-6.30pm11am-8.30pm11am-3.30pmClosed
Laser Tag11am-6.30pm11am-8.30pm11am-3.30pmClosed

Activity Opening Hours

Kids Zone (4-level Cube & Ballistix)10am-6pm10am-10pm10am-11pm10am-11pm10am-7pm
Bar “Lazy Lounge”12pm-6pm12pm-10pm12pm-11pm12pm-11pm12pm-7pm
Rock Climbing11am-5.30pm11pm-8.30pm11pm-8.30pm11am-8.30pm11am-6.30pm
Laser Tag11am-5.30pm11am-8.30pm11am-8.30pm11am-8.30pm11am-6.30pm


Rate notes:

* Kids Zone basic admission is for all kids ages 1-14 and entitles to unlimited playtime in the Cube and Ballistix.

* The Kids Zone can also be paid with a play card. In this case 40 credits per child age 1-14 will be charged to your play card.

* All rates are per person or play card and include 5% gst

* Re-entry is not permitted

* Supervising (Grand)Parents or Guardians are the adults that are supervising children in the facility or attending a birthday party. For these adults the admission is free and includes: use of Free Wifi .

* Children must be 12 years old to be dropped off without parent supervision. However we do require an adult (19+) to sign a drop off waiver before the child is allowed entry. When dropped off the time kids can stay is two hours max.

Activity Notes:

* Rock Climbing, Laser Tag and Skytrax are 15 minutes per activity

* Weight restrictions apply for Rock Climbing (minimum weight: 22lbs, maximum weight: 330 lbs)

* Minimum age for Laser Tag is 6 years

* Height and weight restrictions apply for SkyTrax (minimum height: 48″, maximum height 6’6″. Maximum weight: 275 lbs.)