We are Kelowna’s biggest indoor Family Recreation Centre. A fun place!

At the Energyplex our mission is to provide a safe play environment for children and adults of all ages. Our facility is designed to engage children by developing coordination and balance in the gymnastics area, strength and confidence on our 30 feet high rock wall and endurance in our 4 level Energy play Cube and Ballistix area. For the older kids,  teenagers and adults there is even more to do like a game of Laser Tag, Skytrax (our indoor Aerial Course) or Bungy Trampoline (Summer months only). Our latest addition is our Arcade area where you can play active games and win awesome prizes.

Our exceptional staff is not only trained to maintain Safety as our #1 priority, they are genuine in their working with children and enjoy providing great service.

You can either have a blast together with your kids OR work on your laptop or read a magazine while enjoying a coffee.

A full service cafe is available for a simple snack, a healthy sandwich or wrap or a full combo with fries, hot dog or pizza.

We look forward to see you at the Energyplex where it is all about “Families-Fun-Together”!


Safety to us is a HIGH priority. Every aspect of our facility and our programs strives to make safety a top priority. Our monitored facility utilizes electronic gates, helping us regulate who comes in and out. Our staff are trained in well developed safety procedures relating to our facility and its equipment. Safety at the EnergyPlex is paramount.

Engaging People, Engaging Environment

We are committed to making our learning and recreational environment appealing to our customers and our staff. Therefore, we work hard to find staff with engaging personalities who energize each other and those they serve.


We want to make your experience at the EnergyPlex the most fun and rewarding place for you and your kids to be. We also think that having fun while learning is key to cementing experiences and motivates people to keep on trying. Whether playing hard – having a party – joining a day camp or just having great family time: we’ll make it fun! We love to have fun and that is why we have created the most exciting fun place in the Okanagan!

Nurturing Learning Environment

We think that physical fitness and emotional development occurs best in a nurturing environment. Each of our programs strives to strike the right balance of fostering positive, supportive coaching in a fun, safe and child-friendly environment. Like most of us, we need encouragement to exercise and so do your kids. You’ll also find our facility a great place for parents.

Life-Long Fitness

It starts early and stays fun! Building the value of fitness early in a child’s life is critical! Early learning of things like body movement, balance, coordination– and most of all the mental connection between fitness and fun will help set children on the right track for the rest of their lives.

Is preventative medicine! According to the American Obesity Association, this may be the first generation of kids in history not to outlive their parents because of obesity. They also reported that children with obesity, ages 10–13, are reported to have a 70% likelihood of obesity persisting into adult years, lowered self-esteem is associated with being overweight in girls as young as five, and heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. were diseases previously only seen in adults and are now showing up in kids. The Energyplex is here to make a difference in health prevention! Children who are under-active or who are challenged with additional weight can now become active year-round and have fun doing it! We’ve designed our programs and facility to get children moving and feeling better about themselves!

Is a family affair! A large factor influencing the activity level of children is the activity level of their parents! Parents who model healthy living through eating a balanced, healthy diet and getting regular exercise are taking the most effective action to help to prevent their child from developing childhood obesity and related illnesses. (BC Medical Association)