Activity opening hours
Which activities are always open?

The Gymnastics area, Ballistix and Cube.

When is the Rock climbing open?

After 4pm:  during Kelowna school weekdays. After 11 am: on weekends, Kelowna school holidays, Stat holidays, Kelowna Pro d-days.

When are the Laser tag, SkyTrax and Bungy Trampoline open?

After 4 pm: on Fridays. After 11 am: on weekends, Kelowna school holidays, Stat holidays, Kelowna Pro d-days.
Important note:
Our Bungy trampoline is a seasonal outside activity from May 15th  till September 15th and only open when the weather permits.

Do you open the Rock climbing outside these hours for a fieldtrip/group?

Yes, but only for fieldtrip/group participants.

What activities are included in the general admission ?

Everything on the main floor: Gym, Rock Climbing, Cube and Ballistix. Upstairs we have a movie corner and colouring table. See also FAQ Activity Opening Hours.

What are the (add on) Extreme activities?

Laser Tag, SkyTrax, and the Bungee Trampoline. The Bungy trampoline is a seasonal outside activity from May till September.

Do Adults have to pay an admission if they only want to watch their children?

No, supervising adults are free of charge. They can use the free WIFI and play in the Cube and Ballistix.

What if an adult (with children) wants to use the Gym, Rock, Laser Tag or Skytrax?

They can do this by signing the waiver form and paying a fee for one or more activities.

Is there an admission for an adult (19 years old or over) without children?

Yes, please see our rates section for additional information about the basic admission and add-on activities.

Do you have a family discount for the basic admission?

On the weekends, Holidays, pro-D-days and during Kelowna school breaks  we have a discount for families with 3 or more children.

Do you sell pre-paid passes for multiple visits?

Yes, we sell a  10 Punch Card that is good for 10 pre-paid admissions and can be shared between children. For multiple visits only.

Is the basic admission good for the whole day?

Yes, you can stay as long as you want. However, you can not leave and come back.

Can I leave and come back?

Not with the basic admission, but it is included with our unlimited day pass.

Birthday Parties: Food & Drinks
I booked a birthday party with you; can I bring in my own cake?

Yes, we even have a fridge or freezer for your cake if needed.

Do I have to bring our own plates and utensils for the cake?

Yes. Or you can order this when making your reservation.

Can I bring my own veggie or fruit platters?

No, but you can add this to your party package as well as extra whole pizza’s. We would like to have the order 3 days before your party date.

How many slices are in one whole pizza?

One whole pizza has 8 slices.

Is food for the parents included with a party?

No. You may add on extra whole pizzas to your party package or they are welcome to buy food at our full service cafe.

How big is a fruit or veggie platter?

It’s the bigger sized platters you see in supermarkets.

Can I bring in extra food and drinks when I book a birthday party with you?

No, outside food (except for your cake) and drinks are not allowed, we do have a full service cafe.

If one of the kids attending the birthday party has a food allergy, can they bring their own food?

No, but upon request we do have gluten, dairy, soy and nut free food available. Upon online booking please fill out in the last comment box if there is a child with an allergy.

For kids with allergies, what food do you have instead of the party food?

Upon request we have gluten free hot dog buns or pizza slices. If your child cannot eat the gluten free hot dog or pizza they may have a portion of fries which are also gluten free. Our hot dog sausages are beef only. If this is not suitable give us a call to see how we can meet your requests.

What are the ingredients for your regular pizza crust?

Flour, yeast, water, oil and salt.

How do the kids get their party food?

Upon check-in you will receive a food order form. This form will need to be filled out by you and handed in to the concession. The staff will bring the food (together with 2 pitchers of juice) to your table at the time you requested on the food order form.

Can I keep my drinks and ask for free refills when I stay longer than two hours?

You may keep your juice but refills can only be given within your reserved party time.

Birthday Parties: Guests
I don’t know how many children and adults will join my party, how do I reserve this?

Please book for the number of children and adults you are inviting. You only have to pay for the number of children and who actually show up. However, take note that there is a minimum of children required for your party.

What’s the minimum number of children for a birthday party?

For an Energizer, Laser tag, or SkyTrax Party: 6 children minimum. For a Challenger Party: 8 children minimum.


I don’t have 6 children for my Energizer party, what do I do?

If you have 5 children and you plan to feed your guests at the Energyplex then it’s still a better deal to pay for 6 children because there is food and drinks included in your party package. You will also have a reserved party table , a slushi or a bag of chips per child and a present for the birthday child included, plus you are allowed to bring in your own cake. If you have less than 4 or less children it’s better to cancel the reservation and/or do a drop-in party. Please be aware that in this case you cannot bring in your own cake.

A child we invited will have a sibling joining the party. Do I have to pay the party package for them as well?

Yes, for all children attending at the party the party package rate applies. They will also be able to enjoy the fun, food and drinks and get a slushi or a bag of chips. Children under the age of one are free of charge.

A child we invited has an annual family pass, do we reserve and pay for that child as well?

Yes, annual family passes can not be used in combination with birthday party bookings.

What happens if one of my guests is late?

After payment, at the start of the party, you will receive wristbands for all of the children. If one of them is late, please leave the wristband for that child at the front desk, so we can hand it over as soon as the child arrives.

Do I get my money back if a child doesn’t show up at my party?

Yes, at the end of the party as long as you have met the requirements:

  • You had the minimum number of children for your party package.
  • You return the child’s unused wristband and coupon for the bag of chips or slushie.
  • You didn’t order food on the food order form for the child that didn’t show up.
How does pick up from a party work?

You have two options:

  1. You can wait at the exit gate to greet the parents and hand over their child. The children can play, in the gym while you wait for the parents.
  2. Parents can come in (after signing the waiver form) to pick up their child. Important note: siblings cannot join a pick up into our facility! Socks are required to enter the facility!
Birthday Parties: Outline
What do I have to do when I have a party at the Energyplex?

Please arrive 15 minutes before the actual party time. We can put your cake in the fridge or freezer and we will take your payment for the party. Please sign the waiver form for all guests attending your party. After this you will receive your party package which includes wristbands for the children, a food order form, coupons for a slushie or bag of chips, and one birthday present coupon.

After payment you can welcome your guests in our lobby and put wristbands on the children. When you are ready to go in, we will check all of the kids for wristbands and if everyone (including adults) are wearing socks. You can start with going to the party table and asking the children what they want to eat and tally it on the food order form. Please bring the food order form to the concession and we will bring the food and drinks out at the requested time.

All the kids get a ticket for a slushie or a bag of chips which you can hand out and redeem at the concession whenever suits you. The kids have free play of the activities on the main floor and if you have purchased a party package with extra activities you will have a designated time for that which is written on the kids wristbands.

Towards the end of the party you can let the children play in the gym which is beside our front desk so when their parents come to pick them up it’s easy to find the children. If you want you can bring goodie bags and hand them over to them when they leave.

Birthday Parties: Party Packages
Is there a party host included in my package?

Only with the Challenger party. You can add on a host with the other party packages when making your reservation. Please note that a minimum one week prior reservation needs to be made.

Is Laser Tag included in one of the party packages?

Laser Tag is included in the Laser Tag and Challenger party packages.

Can I add X-treme activities on top of my party package?

Yes you can. When you book online you have the option to add games of Laser Tag, Skytrax or Bungy Trampoline(seasonal) on top of your party package.

If I have Laser Tag or SkyTrax included in my party, at what time will those be?

Most of the time it will be half an hour after the start of your party. Upon arrival we will let you know and we will also write the time on the children’s wristbands.

I want to book a Challenger party but I don’t have the required minimum number of 8 children?

You can book a Laser Tag party and add on SkyTrax. The party host that usually comes with a challenger party needs to be added on separately.

Only a few of the kids are old enough to do Laser Tag. How does this work?

You can book an Energizer party and add on extra Laser Tag games for the children over the age of 6.

I want to do Bungy trampoline instead of Laser tag is that possible?

When you book a Laser Tag party online write in the last comment box that you want the kids to do Bungy trampoline instead of Laser Tag. Please keep in mind that the Bungy trampoline is open from May till September on certain days and hours (see rates section) and that it is weather dependent.

Some children would like to do Laser Tag and others Skytrax would that work?

It is possible but we do need to know in advance how many children are doing which activity because we need to book a certain time slot for each activity. If you book online, please notify us with the right numbers in  the last comment box of the booking form.

Do I need to pay an advance deposit?

We only need an advance deposit of $150.00 if you added on items to your party package (balloon bouquet, host, private room, etc.) or when you book a Challenger party. In this case, please call us with your cc details or pass by at the Energyplex.

How do I pay for my advance deposit?

Please call us with your cc details or pass by at the Energyplex.

Birthday Parties: Party Table
How do I know where my party table is?

When you check in at the front desk we will tell you where your party table is located. There will also be a sign on the party table with the name of the birthday child on it.

If I want a table in a certain room can I request this?

You may request a table but it depends on availability whether we can give it to you or not. To indefinitely receive the desired party table or room upstairs it is best to book a private room for your party.

I prefer to have a private room. Can I request this?

Absolutely,  for an additional charge (and upon availability) you can add this to your party package. You will be able to select this option upon booking online.

Where can the adults sit?

We provide seating for two adults at the party table. If there are more adults, they can sit while the kids are playing. We also have a general seating area.

If I see an empty table next to my party table, can we use it for adult seating?

You can only use it if there is no reserved sign on the table.

Can we bring our own party decorations?

You may bring in your own party supplies, like a themed table cover, plates, cups or napkins. In general you will need two rectangle table covers.
We do not allow any wall or ceiling decorations, Piñatas, silly string or any loose confetti.

Birthday Parties: Party Time Slot
When I book the party online, how do I know if you have that time available?

You choose the time that you want and we will send you an email to confirm your time slot. If we don’t have your time slot available we will send you an email with different options.

What is a quiet time to have a party?

On school weekdays.

How far in advance do I need to book my Party?

If you know the time and date it is best to book it as soon as possible. A week or more in advance is recommended.

Can we come earlier than the reserved arrival party time?

Please be there max. 15 minutes earlier than your reserved party time. This way we can provide the best possible service for all arriving parties.

Can we stay longer than the reserved party time?

Yes, you are allowed to stay longer than your reserved time-slot. Please be so kind to move your belongings to the general seating area. This way we can clean and set up the party table for the next reservation.

Bungy Trampoline
What is the min. and max. weight for the Bungy Trampoline?

Min. 30 lbs. and max. 190 lbs.

How long is one Bungy Trampoline activity?

It’s a 4 minutes ride. That’s about as much you can handle 🙂

Is the Bungy Trampoline open all year?

No, the Bungy is a seasonal activity open from May to September. For the hours of operation please check “Activity Opening Hours”.

Food & Drinks
My child has allergies. Can I bring in my own food?

No, but upon request we do have gluten, dairy, and soy-free food available. We are a peanut aware facility.

Can I bring in my own water bottle?

If it is your own refillable bottle from home then you can. Brand name bottles (Aquafina, Dasani, etc.) are not allowed in the building.

What kind of food do you sell?

We have healthy options like Panini’s, wraps, grilled cheese sandwiches, croissants, veggie and fruit cups, and fruit. We also have pizza, hot dogs, fries and other snack foods.

What kind of coffees do you have?

We have Starbucks brand brewed coffee and we make lattés, flavoured lattés, cappuccinos, espressos and mochas.

What kind of drinks do you have?

We carry a large variety of drinks from the Coca Cola brand.

Can I bring in my coffee, other drinks or snacks?

No, outside food or drinks are not allowed. We do have a full service café.

General Rules and Regulations
Does everyone need to wear socks?

Yes, the Energyplex is a shoe-free facility. All adults and children need to wear socks in the facility. Also when they are not playing.

Do you sell socks in case I need a pair?

Yes, we do sell socks for all ages at the front desk.

Can I bring in outside food and drinks?

Sorry, no outside food or drinks are allowed.

Are there exceptions on outside food or drinks?

If you have a reserved birthday party you can bring in a birthday cake. With drop-in parties bringing in a birthday cake is not allowed.

Group Rates
Do you have group rates for school trips or other events?

Yes, during Kelowna school days we have group rates for 20 persons or up. For other days or outside opening hours group rates are on request.

How many people do you need to get the group rate?

Our group rates are for 20 persons and up.

How do I book a group?

Please go to our website:

Can we come with our group before the opening hours of 10 am?

Yes, on request we can start as early as 9:15 am.

What is the largest group you can have?

We can host groups of 20-250+ people, depending  on the activities you would like to use. Please give us a call or email ( with more details so we can discuss the different options and give you a price quote.

Can we come after closing hours?

Yes, however, the regular group rates will not apply. Please give us a call or email ( with more details so we can discuss the different options and give you a price quote.

Do you host dry grads?

Yes, we do. However, if you want to be here for more than 2 hours we do recommend bringing an extra feature (eg. a hypnotist). Please give us a call or email ( with more details so we can discuss the different options and give you a price quote.

Do you host Christmas parties or other corporate parties?

Yes, we recommend that you book your corporate party well in advance. Please send us an email or give us a call so we can explain the different options. You can book corporate events during or after opening hours.

Laser Tag
How long is one game of Laser Tag?

One game is 15 minutes.

What’s the age range for laser tag?

From 6 to 99 years!

How many people can play Laser tag at the same time?

Maximum 15 people can play at the same time.

Are the games private or can anyone join in?

Anyone can join. They are only private if you have reserved for 15 people.

Is it possible to do just a Laser tag game and not pay for the basic admission?

No, you can’t.

What is the height requirement for Skytrax?

Minimum 45”  to maximum 6’6”.

What is the max weight allowed on Skytrax?

275 lbs.

How long is one SkyTrax activity?

Approximately 25 minutes.

Can you do more than one track?

Yes, you can go as many times as possible within your 25 minutes.

Waiver Form
Do I have to sign a waiver form?

Yes, each person of 16 years or older will need to sign the waiver. If you are coming as a family/group/birthday party/field trip, minimum one person (parent, chaperone, leader) of 19 years or older will need to sign the waiver for the attending family/group/party.

If I am 16 years old do I need to show my ID?

Yes, we do need to see your ID if you want to sign the waiver.

Can I drop off my child?

Yes, it is only allowed if your child is 12 years of age or over. However, an adult (19+) is required to sign the extended waiver form in person (They will be responsible for all children being dropped off.) They can only be dropped off for a maximum of 2 hours before an adult must come pick them up or stay to watch them. You will need to provide your contact info and in case of a problem you should be able to pick them up within 20 minutes.  Supervising adults must always be 19 years or older.

Can my children come to the Energyplex by themselves if I call with my contact information?

No, we need to have you here in person to sign the waiver form. However, it is allowed that another adult signs the waiver form for your child. This adult is then responsible for your child during their stay.

Can you email the waiver form to me so I can sign it at home and my children will bring it with them?

No, sorry. An adult will need to sign the waiver in person at the Energyplex.

My child is joining a birthday party. Do I need to sign the waiver form?

No, in general the party host will sign the waiver form for everyone attending the party (adults included).

I am a teacher and want to bring in a school group. Do I need to sign a waiver form?

Yes, you do need to sign a waiver form for everyone attending the fieldtrip (adults included).

I want to book my company’s Christmas party. Do I need to sign the waiver form?

No, upon arrival we will ask the adults to sign the waiver form for their own families.

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